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Sex is good against prostate cancer

Sex is good against prostate cancer

Such sometimes lurid titles can be read almost daily in magazines or on the internet. Rarely has this statement been statistically investigated, and if so, the number of men was small and the investigation period short. There were no reliable figures.

This has now changed. Also noteworthy is the fact that the study was published by epidemiologists; that is the group of statisticians who usually denounce gaps and inaccuracies in medical publications.

Ms Jennifer Rider, ScD, MPH, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston interviewed and studied 32,000 men over the age of 18.

During this time, 3839 men (11.9%) were diagnosed with prostate cancer; 384 men died of prostate cancer during this period.

Since 1992, 32,000 men have been surveyed about the number of orgasms they have had per month between the ages of 20-29 and 40-49. It was irrelevant whether the orgasm was caused by sexual intercourse or masturbation. This number was then correlated with the occurrence of prostate cancer.

Men who reported 21 or more orgasms per month had a 20% reduction in prostate cancer compared to men who had only 4-7 orgasms per month.

Between the ages of 40-49, 38% of men reported 8-12 orgasms. Only 8.8% of men reported 21 or more orgasms per month.

The average age of the men was 59 years and they had at least one PSA test per year. Most of the men were married, but those who reported more than 21 orgasms between the ages of 40-49 were mostly divorced (11.8 vs 4%-7%).

Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer