This is your health side to the topic of Urology at the Costa Blanca.

To call a urologist a mens doctor – compared to the gynaecologist as a womens doctor – is insufficient. The urologist is the specialist for kidneys, bladder, prostate, penis and testicles also cares for the virility and incontinence. Women, too can have problems of the kidneys, bladder and incontinence.

Due to the age pattern of my urology patients about 60% of my patients have cancer.

For every cancer is different it is important to have a “complete therapy approach”.

To treat only the disease without recognizing personal and cultural aspects or the family atmosphere will be of no pleasing result for the patient or the doctor.

It would be imprudent to believe that a doctor can everything and knows everything. That is why teamwork with colleagues locally and telephone conversations with the doctors in the “home-countries” of my patients will bring an optimum of therapeutical success.

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Your Dr. Thomas Keul