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Lycopene in prostate cancer

Efficacy study of Lycopene in advanced prostate cancer
Presented at the German Urological Congress in Berlin 2007 by
C.Schwenke; B.Ubrig; C.Eggersmann; S.Roth

Lycopenes are the red pigment in tomatoes. It is assumed to have a … cancer-preventing or cancer-improving effect. To this end, the present study prospectively tested orally ingested lycopene (15 mg daily) in men with advanced hormone-insensitive prostate cancer.

The men received 15 mg of lycopene orally daily. At monthly intervals, serum PSA levels, analgesic consumption and quality of life were assessed with a special questionnaire. The observation period was set at 2.5 years. 18 patients participated in the study. 17 were evaluable. Of these, 5 patients (29%) dropped out prematurely; 4/5 because of tumour progression 1/5 because of allergic reaction. In 12 of 17 patients, the PSA level doubled within 6 months. 4 patients had a stable PSA level, 1nem had a prognostically favourable decrease of more than 50%. After 2.5 years, 12 of the 17 patients had died.


In the advanced stage of the disease, no relavant benefit of lycopene can be established.